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The Classic Pack: 3.3.4 Update
2 minute read

3.3.4 update:

Re-added Iron Tanks, last seen in a sorry and buggy state. 

Re-added reAuth, which now support Microsoft accounts.

Additionally, Just Enough Items is replaced with an improved fork called Had Enough Items



  • Iron Tanks

    Adds upgradable tanks, the same idea behind Iron Chests.


  • reAuth

    Adds the ability to renew your login session or change account via multiplayer screen


  • Had Enough Items

    A fork of Just Enough Items for performance optimisation


  • VanillaFix

    Performance and bugfix mod (re-added whilst LolASM + Mixinbooter are tested further)



  • Just Enough Items

    Replaced with Had Enough Items, which is a direct fork.



  • DupeFix 3.1.2 > 3.1.6



    Allow railcraft steel gears to exist, as requested by <@189858591245598720>


    Allow mekanism steel dust to exist (for steel automation using Mekanism), as requested by @Stoney Bark


    Updates config + sets B:smallModelConditions=false to fix texture problems when using Optifine and resource packs


    Allows the procurement of IC2 plates and gears


    Removes extra planets bombs + fixes compressed zinc, T8 duty plates and boosters, T3 launch pad and heavy oxygen tank

The Classic Pack: 3.3.5 Update & Server Reset
The Classic Pack: 3.3.5 Update & Server Reset
Noble-MC's The Classic Pack server has been reset today. Additionally, the 3.3.5 changelog is below:   3.3.5 Changelog: This small update removes Planar Artifice, fixing a variety of issues. Added: Joy of Painting - You are able to paint...
1 minute read
Noble MC Presents: Tekkit 2 Server!
Noble MC Presents: Tekkit 2 Server!
Hello, hello, hello! This is truly a moment that I've been excited for this past month. Keeping certain things low profile since I became aware of the existence of Tekkit 2. I'll get straight to it.. Noble MC: Tekkit 2 is out now! Server IP:...
1 minute read
How The Classic Pack and then Noble MC began..
How The Classic Pack and then Noble MC began..
Before Noble MC, there was only me and The Classic Pack. I spent the last 6 years maintaining a modpack that continuously updated Tekkit to later versions of Minecraft. Technic would eventually catch up to each version, such as 1.6.4 and 1.7.10...
3 minute read